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Board Performance Alignment Program Overview (PDF)


“Boards need a renewed focus on their aspirational purpose and guidance for achieving it.” – Chairs of Bridging Board Gaps Study Group

The Board Performance Alignment (BPA) Program is designed to takes boards to a new level of performance.  It helps governance committees guide the evolution of their board through a process of discovering, designing, and deploying board structures and systems that sustain the value-creating activities of management.

Founded on research, our methodology is based on theoretical principles and empirical evidence that reveal critical corporate governance considerations for improving financial performance and sustainable value creation.  Our Aspirational Corporate Governance (ACG) framework provides a context for aligning corporate governance policies with the firm’s complexity, while our Strategic Corporate Governance (SCG) framework provides guidance on aligning the board’s operating style with strategic priorities.

Whereas most board effectiveness programs focus on best practices, the Board Performance Alignment Program does not apply a one-size-fits-all approach to corporate governance.  Instead, it helps boards adapt their composition and practices to meet business priorities based indicators of corporate maturity.

The BPA Program is a step-by-step process divided into distinct phases.  In phase one, you participate in BPA Discovery Sessions to assess your current situation and set goals.  When you’ve completed the sessions, you’ll be ready to participate in The PBA Program.  Working together in phase two, we help you develop strategies and a detailed plan.  In phase three, we help you develop a team and implement your plan.  You can also take advantage of The BPA Toolbox, our full suite of tools and capabilities.

Board Performance Alignment ProgramBPA Discovery Sessions consist of a BPA Starter Session and BPA Audit.  It helps you assess your current situation, clarify your goals, and determine the state of your board’s performance alignment.

The BPA Program consists of the BPA Discovery Sessions, a BPA Planning Session, BPA Blueprint, and BPA Progress Sessions.  It helps you develop a step-by-step plan to achieve your board alignment goals and outlines the strategies, tools, and timelines required to implement your plan.  It also provides ongoing follow-up sessions to help you succeed.

The Total BPA Program consists of the BPA Program and The BPA Toolbox of professional resources and capabilities to help you implement your board performance alignment plan.