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Board Performance Alignment Program Overview (PDF)


“There is too great a gap between the popular notion of what boards do and the reality of what they are capable of doing.” – Frank Zarb, Vice-Chair, Bridging Board Gaps Study Group

Board Performance Alignment Discovery SessionsBoard Performance Alignment (BPA) Discovery Sessions initiate The Board Performance Alignment (BPA) Program, designed to take boards to a new level of performance.  They consist of a BPA Starter Session and BPA Audit to help you assess your current situation, clarify your goals, and determine the state of your board’s performance alignment.

The BPA Starter Session helps you determine the conditions for aligning your board’s corporate governance structure and system with business performance priorities.  The two-hour session consists of a facilitated discussion among governance committee and other board members.  It concludes with a scorecard on your board’s current situation and your board performance alignment goals.

The BPA Audit helps you determine the conditions for board performance alignment that exist in your board.  It consists of a questionnaire and one-on-one interviews with board members.  The the board performance alignment findings are presented relative to a maturity scale, base on our Aspirational Corporate Governance and Strategic Corporate Governance frameworks.