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[musical accompaniment for your reading enjoyment]   For the record, I am a firm believer that women tend to have distinct cognitive biases from men, offering a healthy and natural counterbalance in the boardroom (and in society).  In fact, I would like to see at least 3 women and 3 men on every board (more more »

Abstract This monograph attempts to add clarity to the complex subject of corporate governance by offering an alternative conceptual model for a corporate board as a parental archetype, and the firm as its android child.  Costly, systemic power imbalances and conflicts of interest, inherent in the conventional model, are resolved by applying ancient Roman property more »

Alex Todd’s Interview Talking Points for:  Trust Across America Online Radio Show hosted by Jordan Kimmel 1. The Road Less Traveled to Trust: My Trust Enablement journey from CompuServe to IBM and systems for online trust I first became aware of the trust enabling power of digital social networks when I launched a couple of more »

Alex Todd’s Comment on:  The Big Idea: The Case for Professional Boards by Robert C. Pozen Although I generally agree with Mr. Pozen’s thesis that a sound case can be made in favour of professional directors serving on corporate boards (see also Roger Martin’s HBR blog posting “Management Is Not a Profession — But It Can more »

Alex Todd’s Comment on:  The uncertain relationship between governance and performance by Stephen M. Bainbridge Stephen, I agree, but its worse than complicated; the governance/performance dynamic is complex. The fundamental problem with corporate governance is that everyone does not agree on what the board is expected to accomplish and on whose behalf. The debate has more »

Alex Todd’s Comment on:  Capitalism is Dead. Long Live Capitalism. by Gary Hamel Thank you for pointing out the elephant in our economy.  Our economic system of choice, capitalism, is evolving.  It is my hope, as it is yours, that its evolution will see it mature toward more aspirational levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs more »

Alex Todd’s Comment on:  Corporate Governance Ratings: Rating the Raters by Kimberly Gladman My research supports your conclusion that “good governance can’t guarantee high stock returns, and that even bad governance won’t always make a company blow up anytime soon”. I would only add that I don’t believe there are inherently “good” or “bad” corporate more »

Alex Todd’s Comment on:  Governance Problems in Closely-Held Corporations by Venky Nagar, Kathy Petroni, and Daniel Wolfenzon I wonder to what extent these findings might be due to a tendency by widely held companies to externalize costs. I suspect that closely held firms (especially family businesses) tend more toward sustainable business practices and therefore choose more »