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Alex Todd

Alex Todd is the founder of GovernanceCommittee.com.  He is a thought leader in rebuilding trust for business and architect of the Trust Enablement® Framework, a universal scheme for diagnosing and designing corporate governance systems and conditions for stakeholder trust. He used this Framework to derive the Governance Lifecycle Model for identifying corporate governance styles attributed to business performance and market valuations, and the Aspirational Corporate Governance Framework for sustainable business value creation. Trust Enablement® is founded on information theory and was inspired by his work with public key infrastructure (PKI) at IBM. It has also helped him share valuable insights about various areas of business that include leadership, collaboration, sales and marketing, public relations, online social networks, electronic commerce, supply chain management, risk management, and business strategy. His work has been published by McMaster University, Conference Board of Canada, Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA), The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore, Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), and John Wiley & Sons.

Mr. Todd believes that corporate governance practices are maturing; evolving from being primarily a control and risk management mechanism, to becoming an increasingly important factor in a firm’s strategic performance and its success in sustaining a value-creating business.

He says, “GovernanceCommittee.com is my initiative to put into practice what I preach in my chapter on corporate governance best practices.”

Corporate Governance: A Synthesis of Theory, Research, and Practice

Corporate Governance: A Synthesis of Theory, Research, and Practice

The power to transform corporate governance systems resides with boards of directors and shareholders. According to Darazsdi and Stobaugh (2003, p. 2), governance committees have the mandate to oversee “the board’s governance processes and effectiveness.” While most of the recent attention for corporate governance reform has been directed toward strengthening audit and compensation committees, the work of governance committees remains largely a formality. They often serve a dual function as also the nominating committee, which consumes most of their attention. Governance process and effectiveness considerations are relegated to infrequent review, often annually. Corporate governance reform needs to begin in governance committee meetings. Members of governance committees should strive for the appropriate level of cognitive capacity to wisely lead boards through the complexities of evolving their organization’s corporate governance system. While engaged in this process, they may find using the ACG framework instructive for assuming an expanded role, perhaps even constituting a Supervisory or Corporate Governance Board (Turnbull, 2000) that deliberately creates a corporate environment for sustainable business performance and adaptability to changes in the business context.


GovernanceCommittee.com empowers directors serving on governance committees of corporate boards with the inspiration and resources they need to lead their boards through this transformation.  At its core is a peer-support community of governance committee members.  Members use the site’s discussion forums and library to engage in conversations and share documents on corporate governance topics that are of specific interest to directors on governance committees. Directors also have access to timely news, valuable insights and practical tools that help inform the work of governance committees.  The site also offers professional support services for governance committees with unique education, diagnostic and design requirements.